The SHELTERALL® agricultural sheds

SHELTERALL® is the European leader in agricultural storage tunnels

The SHELTERALL® storage tunnel is suited to the agricultural sector

The many applications of our shelters meet numerous needs in the agricultural world:

Agricultural sheds can change over time to meet your needs. They can be dismantled, moved or extended. Extra-wide models (15.80 m and 25 m) offer new possibilities and can be adapted as the size of the farms increases. They can serve as stalls for large herds, sheds for large farm machines or flat storage space for grains.

Tailor-made shelters

Our storage tunnels are made of a galvanised steel structure and a beige, green/white or grey/white coated canvas of the truck tarpaulin type. Depending on the models, the width of the tunnel building can vary from 4.5 m to 25 m. Shelters up to 12 m wide do not require anchoring in a concrete slab, but can be installed without foundations.

For models up to 25 m wide, a gravity wall without anchoring may be sufficient.As an option, you can choose a closing system: sheet gable / rolling door or rigid gable with raisable or sliding door (2 leaves) in order to secure your SHELTERALL®.

Advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

The anchoring system can also be adapted to your requirements for installation on any type of ground (bitumen, concrete, earth, etc.): screw-in anchor, grab anchor, buried sheet, anchor pins.

Modular shelters benefiting from the Richel technology

The SHELTERALL® is made in France. It benefits from the technology and reliability of the Richel Group (the leading European producer of crop shelters). Its galvanised steel structure is compliant with the NF EN 13031-1 European standards and the Eurocodes building requirements. Its coated canvas covering is guaranteed for 10 years (see General Terms and Conditions of Sale).

The SHELTERALL® is a modular storage building which adapts to all your needs. It is economical, easy to assemble and dismantle, and provides great long-lasting robustness.

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