Livestock breeding tunnel for beef cattle

SHELTERALL®, the livestock breeding building for beef cattle farms.

A livestock breeding tunnel that nurtures animal comfort

By creating these ideal conditions, we promote an environment that ensures cattle well-being and contributes to their health and productivity.

A cattle shed that also optimizes the well-being of the livestock farmer

The SHELTERALL® range is so wide and has so many options that it can be adapted to the livestock farmer’s work organization.

An economical livestock breeding building that guarantees the yield of the farm

Quick and easy assembly

In order to speed up the installation of livestock breeding tunnels on your farm, we guarantee delivery in 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, we offer the option of a turnkey solution, which is fully operational in just 12 weeks. Our sheds can be assembled with or without foundations, according to your specific needs. This is how we strive to provide you with tailor-made support.

Above all, a reliable building

Our modular buildings are made in France and meet the European building construction standards EN 13031-1 and/or the Building Eurocodes. They are certified by renowned partner inspection bodies.

A shed that can be adapted and adjusted in the event of changes on the farm

SHELTERALL® is a versatile and highly modular solution. The livestock breeding tunnel can be extended easily and quickly, allowing you to meet your expansion needs without any hassle. Our tunnels are designed to keep up with the growth of your projects. They are suitable for other purposes such as the storage of fodder, wood, grains, fertilizers or even farm equipment, for greater flexibility of use.

If you are planning to change your activity, you can dismantle and resell your SHELTERALL® easily and quickly. You can make the most of a practical and efficient solution to adapt your facilities and move forward in new directions.

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A livestock breeding tunnel for cattle
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