Livestock shelter for sheep, goats, calves and cattle

SHELTERALL®, the tunnel building that nurtures the well-being of animals and livestock farmers.

A modular stable that adapts to any type of livestock breeding

This tunnel can be adapted to all types of livestock breeding: suckler cows, dairy cows, calves, sheep, goats and horses. A wide range that allows you to build stalls, sheep-pens, goat-pens, calf nurseries, or stables, whatever the size of the herd.

  • Widths from 4.5 meters to 25 meters,
  • Options for natural or dynamic ventilation,
  • Roof insulation,
  • Several types of coverings available: colors, thicknesses, transparency and fire-retardant treatment,
  • Various options for openings: sliding doors, manual and electric roll-up doors,
  • Foundation-free fixing to the ground by an anchor system or buried tarpaulin,
  • Fixing onto concrete: beams, poured concrete walls or TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks.

A cattle shed serving farmers and their livestock

  • The shed provides natural ventilation, luminosity and insulation to create a healthy and soothing atmosphere for the animals,
  • The optimal height allows livestock farmer to work in a comfortable and appropriate space.

Modular and scalable, SHELTERALL® allows you to keep in step with the growth of the farm. Cost-effective, it guarantees your profitability

The advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

Simple and easy to use, it can be assembled quickly, on any type of support.

Given the ingenious design of our agricultural sheds for livestock breeding, these buildings can be adapted to the storage of equipment, fodder, grains, fertilizers or wood.

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