A building for the storage of bulk waste, construction worksite waste, eco-furniture and recycled wood

SHELTERALL®, the bulk storage solution for recycling professionals: waste disposal, grouping and sorting platform, waste transfer and logistics.

A recycling shed designed to easily access and manage bulk-stored materials

Sturdy storage space, compliant with Building Eurocodes and environmental regulations

Bulk storage of waste must be carried out in accordance with applicable environmental regulations and safety standards. The SHELTERALL® solution applies these standards in order to offer a secure building while minimizing its impact on the environment and public health.

A modular and scalable building

Modular and flexible, SHELTERALL® can be dismantled, moved or extended or joined to create new storage bins.

As a foundation-free turnkey solution, SHELTERALL® / TOUTABLOC® solutions can be used to store materials in ideal storage conditions, whatever their density and type. They also facilitate the storage of waste bins, and can be adapted to sorting areas and depollution sites.

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