The agricultural shed for sheltering equipment

SHELTERALL®, the tunnel shed recommended by farmers, livestock farmers, grain producers and French farm machinery cooperatives (CUMA).

A farm building that adapts to all your machinery

The SHELTERALL® tunnel is used to shelter all your agricultural machinery: tractors, crop-protection machines, combine harvesters, soil preparation, sowing and fertilization machines, grape harvesting machines, harvesting equipment, or other farm equipment. A wide range that can be adapted to the quantity and size of your machines:

  • A tunnel that can measure from 4.5 to 25 meters wide.
  • Adjustable length, defined according to needs. - A shed measuring up to 11 meters in height fixed to the ground, and up to 15 meters in height on poured concrete walls or TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks, to ensure optimal conditions when using the equipment.
  • Its coated canvas covering, white on the inside, or with an optional translucent stripe along the ridge, allows a pleasant natural light into the building.
  • Optional gables and lift-up or sliding doors allow you to completely close the SHELTERALL® to ensure better security of the equipment.

A storage shed that extends the service life of machines

Protected agricultural tractors and equipment, for enhanced long-term performance and more profitable use.

  • Protection against the elements: by sheltering the machines from weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and direct sunlight, our sheds reduce wear and tear.
  • Prevention of corrosion: by keeping the machines in a dry and protected storage tunnel, the risks of rust are considerably reduced.
Advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

A quick-to-install modular shed that keeps pace with the growth of farms

Depending on the options chosen, the shed will be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. The shed can be assembled by the farmer, a partner or delivered as a turnkey solution. As it is fastened by buried tarpaulin or by a system of anchors suitable for all types of ground (asphalt, concrete, soil), it can also be dismantled or moved to another plot. You can easily adapt your SHELTERALL® if you are planning to move, expand or change the farm’s activity.

The cost of a SHELTERALL® is half that of a conventional building.

These modular agricultural sheds are used to shelter tractors and equipment. They can also be adapted to the requirements of livestock breeding or the storage of fodder, grains, fertilizers wood or methanization products.

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