The storage hangar for bulk construction materials

SHELTERALL® CONSTRUCTION is a turnkey storage solution for professionals working in construction sites, quarries, concrete plants and cement works.

Bulk storage sheds designed to optimize the quality of stored products

Covering aggregates, sand, earth and wood increases the quality of the products and maintains a consistent quality, making it easier to work with them, but also limiting dispersions due to wind. The SHELTERALL® solution protects the stored materials from moisture, bad weather and the elements : 

Several options and configurations to improve drying:  

The extra-wide models (up to 25 metres) offer very high storage volumes particularly suited to the storage of asphalt aggregates.

Demountable buildings for easy access to stored materials

Ease of access for optimal loading and unloading speed, and better stock rotation:  

A solution designed to optimize costs and improve the carbon footprint 

A solution as reliable as a traditional building

A turnkey solution for projects with peace of mind

A unique contact person to support and coordinate the project.

Our Work teams take care of the complete management of your project: sizing, production of specifications, layout drawings and calculation notes, preparation of prevention plans, security of the work area, and worksite monitoring.

Compliant with Building Eurocodes, SHELTERALL® is the foundation-free turnkey storage solution ideal for bulk construction materials, regardless of the density and type of materials stored.

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Bulk aggregate storage shed
A storage shed for asphalt.
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