Modular solutions for dismantling sites, depollution and bottom ash

A temporary storage shed recommended by companies specializing in site depollution and hazardous waste management. Vehicle scrapyards and scrap merchants active in the dismantling of vehicles also recommend the tunnel building.

Storage sheds designed to protect materials, soil and groundwater

The preservation and recovery of resources is a major priority today. This is an essential step to recycle and recover materials by offering them a second life, but also to restore contaminated soils and preserve the environment.

A flexible, temporary or permanent solution that adapts to changes in the worksite

Our foundation-free solutions can be completely dismantled. They can be quickly deployed and adapted to all types of surfaces (asphalt, concrete, compacted backfill), allowing the in-situ treatment of contaminants. This modularity makes it possible to move the space to be covered according to the progress of the site. On contaminated soil remediation sites, it is possible to create batching areas to store different, more or less contaminated products that are awaiting treatment.TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks are used to create covered or non-covered storage cells, for which the strength is calculated according to the storage loads and the vertical load distributions of the SHELTERALL® cover.

SHELTERALL® metal-textile buildings can also be installed as an enclosure around the contaminated site, allowing the contaminants to be contained and preventing their spread into the environment during depollution operations.

A dismantling workshop designed for the comfort of the teams

An insulated, soundproofed building with natural light for a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Our sales teams always visit the site to talk to the customer about the storage solution suited to their needs, size the project, advise them on the installation and jointly define the safety options for the teams and the neighbourhood.

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The storage shed for site depollution.
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