Storage shed for construction worksite equipment

SHELTERALL®, the worksite shed for construction professionals, equipment rental companies, public works companies and construction companies.

A worksite shed that adapts to all equipment

The breadth of the SHELTERALL® range along with multiple options makes it possible to adapt to all types of machines, whatever their number: trucks, earth-moving machines, lifting machines, trailers, buckets, materials stored in big bags or on pallets and any other worksite tool or equipment.

A storage hangar that protects worksite equipment and increases its service life

The SHELTERALL® solution extends the service life of worksite equipment by protecting it from bad weather such as rain, snow, wind and direct sun exposure. A protection that helps to reduce wear and tear on the equipment and prevent corrosion. The equipment maintenance costs are reduced. Protecting also means increasing the resale value of your investment at the end of its useful life.

A demountable and modular building that keeps in step with the worksite

Thanks to its anchoring system, which is adaptable to all types of ground (asphalt, concrete, earth), the worksite shed can be easily assembled, dismantled and moved, unlike traditional buildings. The shed being modular, it can be adapted to the needs of the worksite, thereby making it more efficient and cost-effective. In-situ production and maintenance does not interrupt the worksites and limits transportation costs.

A worksite shed compliant with Building Eurocodes

SHELTERALL® complies with Building Eurocodes used for designing traditional buildings, thus guaranteeing safety, strength and durability.

In addition to our classic range, the Container SHELTERALL® is particularly suitable for the storage of worksite equipment. It is an easy and quick-to-install solution that allows you to install a shed on two shipping containers without welding or adaptation. They are fully demountable and keep up easily with changes in the worksite.

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The container shed for a railway worksite
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