A smart compost building

This compost shed is designed for large composting companies, local authorities and start-ups interested in helping manufacturers in the collection and recovery of their food waste.

A compost shed that complies with the regulations

In response to the new regulations, SHELTERALL® has developed a new type of building for small- and large-scale composting plants, specifically designed to improve the results of the composting process while reducing the negative impacts on the environment and the surrounding community. The SHELTERALL® solution allows the composting of kitchen and garden waste, municipal green waste, manure (methanization) and industrial organic waste, in accordance with the regulations that govern the practice of composting to ensure safety, quality and environmental compliance.

A compost building to optimize organic drying

The SHELTERALL meets the requirements of the organic industry. It promotes the composting process and ensures an optimal environment for the decomposition of organic waste.

A range that is suited to all composting needs

Made in France, SHELTERALL benefits from the technology and reliability of the Richel Group, the leading European producer of greenhouses and sheds. Our flexible and modular storage sheds can be adapted to methanization and all the needs of professionals in the environment and Construction sectors as well as local authorities.

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Metal-textile building for biomass
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