Shed for rack and shelf storage for all manufacturers

SHELTERALL®, the industrial shed specially designed for industry and logistics professionals.

A storage shed that optimizes space

A metal-textile construction that quickly increases storage space, without the need for foundations:

An industrial dome shelter designed for the comfort of teams and the preservation of equipment

Ventilation, light and insulation options for ideal working conditions.

A sturdy industrial shed designed to the same standards as a traditional building

To guarantee the safety and durability of your stored equipment, our buildings are designed according to Building Eurocodes by our Internal Design Office and certified by independent bodies. Whatever the colour and thickness, the covers are UV-proof and guaranteed for 10 years.

SHELTERALL® offers a more sustainable alternative than a conventional storage tent, and can be insured in the same way as a traditional building.

A durable solution as fast and flexible as a storage tent

Modular and scalable, SHELTERALL® is a simple, cost-effective, quick-to-install, foundation-free solution that adapts to your short-, medium- and long-term storage needs.

SHELTERALL® is a multi-purpose storage solution based on performance, simplicity and operational agility and meets all the storage needs of industrial products: rack and shelf storage, ground storage, bulk storage and industrial workshops.

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Ground and rack storage shed.
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