Livestock breeding tunnel for dairy cattle

SHELTERALL®, the livestock breeding building for dairy cows and calves.

A livestock breeding tunnel that nurtures animal well-being

A peaceful atmosphere that prioritizes the health of dairy cows:

A building that also prioritizes the well-being of livestock farmers

SHELTERALL® adapts to the livestock farmer’s work organization. It optimizes working time by allowing the animals to be grouped together on the same site.

A quick-to-install and reliable cattle breeding building

A versatile, easily adaptable shed

The livestock breeding tunnel can be extended easily and quickly to meet the needs for building expansion. Our tunnels can keep pace with the growth of your projects. They can be adapted to other purposes such as the storage of fodder or farm equipment, thus offering flexibility of use. If you are planning to change your activity, you can dismantle and resell the SHELTERALL® easily and quickly.

Choosing a SHELTERALL® livestock breeding building means opting for a scalable, reliable, profitable and easy-to-implement solution. Our local teams are available to meet your specific livestock needs and support you throughout your project.

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