The storage tunnel for green space equipment and tools

SHELTERALL®, the ideal tunnel shed for tradespeople and landscapers.

A tunnel shed for all the needs of tradespeople-landscapers

SHELTERALL® meets all the requirements of landscapers and tradespeople: storage of tools and equipment, materials, tractors, green space maintenance equipment. The various options and solutions allow you adapt the shed based on the project:

  • Option to fully close the shed for complete protection against bad weather, and to secure the equipment;
  • Ideal ventilation thanks to optional wind-break nets.

A storage tunnel that optimizes the layout

  • The arch curvature allows racks to be fitted inside the shed;
  • If installed on TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks, it is possible to create storage cells to separate the materials;
  • The specific SHELTERALL® Containers solution is ideal for tradespeople and landscapers, with enclosed spaces inside the containers, and the possibility of sheltering machines: surface area and uses are optimized in the same project.

A modular building that offers the option to control the layout

  • Different types of installation are possible: foundation-free fastening on the ground by a system of anchors or buried tarpaulin; attachment to concrete: straps, poured concrete walls or TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks; assembly on containers.
  • In the event of relocation or reorganization, you can easily move, enlarge or dismantle the SHELTERALL.
Advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

Less expensive than a traditional building, SHELTERALL® is the cost-effective storage solution that does not compromise on quality.

The SHELTERALL® storage sheds can be adapted to meet the diverse needs of landscapers. These shelters can also be adapted for riding stables, local authorities and the winter storage of boats, trailers or aircraft, or meet the requirements of the military market.