Storage shed for methanization projects

SHELTERALL®, the ideal storage shed for farmers and energy producers.

A methanization shed for all types of project

The biogas industry greatly contributes to the objectives of the energy transition. SHELTERALL® is making a significant contribution and is therefore helping move towards a circular economy by recycling the digestates from methanization in agriculture.Our storage sheds offer a safe and effective solution for the optimal storage and use of these methanization products. The various options can be adapted to suit the different organic materials to be stored: agricultural waste, community waste, waste from the agro-food industry and household waste, thus meeting the storage needs of all biogas producers.

A building that complies with environmental regulations on the storage of organic matter

Storage tunnels for a safe and controlled environment

A storage shed with optimal value for money

Our sheds are modular and can be adapted to suit the storage needs of methanization projects. The SHELTERALL® tunnels can also be used for fertilizers, grains, fodder, wood, livestock breeding and the storage of farm equipment.

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