Storage shed suited to the environment sector

SHELTERALL® is a turnkey storage solution for recyclers, sorting platforms and depollution professionals.

A demountable building for environmental preservation and site safety

Protecting waste from bad weather is essential to preserve its quality and prevent spills in accordance with environmental standards. SHELTERALL® waste storage solutions have been designed to meet current environmental standards and ensure safety on the sites.

  • SHELTERALL® meets the requirements imposed by ICPE-classified sites.
  • The implementation of this foundation-free solution complies with the environmental constraints associated with recycling, depollution and dismantling sites.
  • Installation on TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks means not having to drill the geomembrane.
  • It complies with water treatment regulations.
  • TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks are certified to be fire-resistant: fire resistance limit of up to 240 minutes.
  • A sign on the wall head specifies the load limit of the cell.
  • Flame-retardant tarpaulins do not allow fire to spread. In the event of fire, they enable the evacuation of fumes and facilitate the intervention of fire-fighters, unlike a traditional building with rigid roofing.
  • SHELTERALL® enables the containment and treatment of odours during composting, for example.
  • It is possible to completely close the buildings on depollution and dismantling sites, and create confined storage sheds in the case of hazardous products such as asbestos.
The advantages of Shelterall®
Height suitable for unloading
Building construction standard
Quick assembly
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The storage shed that adapts to all site development needs

SHELTERALL®, a quick, modular and foundation-free demountable hangar

SHELTERALL® teams are committed to finding innovative solutions to meet the major environmental challenges of the future, and to supporting their customers in this ecological transition.

Our flexible and modular metal-textile buildings also adapt to the storage needs on construction worksites for storage as bulk or in big bags. They can also be used as worksite sheds.

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