The equipment, vehicle and bulk storage tunnel

SHELTERALL®, the ideal tunnel shed for local authorities.

A tunnel shed that adapts to the different needs of the local authorities

The SHELTERALL® solution meets all the storage needs of local authorities: storage of municipal equipment (road equipment, green spaces), management of waste awaiting treatment or collection, storage of snow removal salt, covered parking spaces. The different options meet the specific needs:

  • Insulation to reduce energy costs, preserve the quality of the stocks;
  • Wind-break nets for optimal ventilation;
  • Fully closed gables to protect the salt and the equipment from moisture;
  • Assembly on TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks with concrete specifically designed for salt storage;
  • Interior protection sheets to optimize space, by storing as close as possible to the structure, for green space equipment, for example.

A scalable, eco-friendly and cost-effective storage shed for local authorities

  • Cost-effective, it is cheaper and faster to install than a permanent building;
  • Easy to install, it frees up space in municipal buildings;
  • Flexible, it offers the option to adapt to the changing needs of the local authority by adjusting the size, configuration and location of the shelter;
  • Eco-friendly, it reduces the environmental impact compared to the construction of traditional infrastructures.
The advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

SHELTERALL® storage sheds can be adapted to store salt, waste or road equipment. These sheds can also be adapted for landscapers and the winter storage of boats, trailers or aircraft, or meet the requirements of the military market.