Efficient platform cover for sorting areas

The SHELTERALL® construction concept is perfectly suited to companies in the environment sector specializing in recycling, as well as all manufacturers concerned with the recovery of their waste.

A modular building designed to facilitate the recycling, reuse and proper treatment of waste

SHELTERALL®, a cost-effective, flexible and modular solution

Sturdy and secure sorting cells compliant with Building Eurocodes

In sorting and recycling centres, fires are hazardous and difficult to control due to the presence of flammable and potentially toxic materials. In order to ensure the safety of your teams, the SHELTERALL® experts recommend:

SHELTERALL ® is a multi-purpose storage solution oriented towards performance, simplicity and modularity. It meets all the storage needs of the construction and the environment sector: storage in bulk, in big bags, worksite equipment, depollution and dismantling sites or for composting.

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Sorting areas for eco-furniture waste
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