A modular building for the repair, servicing and maintenance of equipment and machines, as well as industrial production

SHELTERALL®, the ideal storage shed for industrial, logistics and port maintenance workshops

A maintenance workshop that is modular, foundation-free and quick to install

A reliable, sturdy industrial shed

A maintenance workshop designed for the comfort of the teams

An insulated, soundproofed building with natural light for a pleasant and comfortable working environment.

A demountable building that adapts to the progress of the site

Maintenance workshops can be installed on mobile worksites, or for long-lasting use such as in quarries, to repair machines.The modular nature of the SHELTERALL® makes it possible to move the site accommodation according to the progress of the site.

Our specific container shed offers more flexibility to facilitate the servicing and maintenance of large machines on-site. This demountable solution makes it possible to install a shed on two containers, without welding or adaptation. Since containers are frequently used on worksites to transport and secure worksite equipment, they are used here as anchoring supports to create a storage space quickly at a lower cost.

With its secure method of structure assembly, and crane handling on the containers, the SHELTERALL ® container solution can easily be assembled and dismantled by your construction teams.

The SHELTERALL® solution also meets all your requirements for rack storage, ground storage, and bulk storage in industries, logistics platforms and port areas.

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