Equestrian shed to cover stables, hay, equipment or to be used as a horse-riding ring

SHELTERALL®, the solution designed to adapt to the specific needs of riding schools, horse breeders and individuals with their own stables.

A horse-riding ring designed for the comfort of riders and horses, so they can ride all year round

The SHELTERALL® is a low-cost solution to cover an existing paddock or carry out a horse-riding ring project so you can give horse riding lessons in all seasons. A metal-textile building that meets the specifications required of a horse-riding ring:

Stables designed to promote animal comfort

The wide range of 4.5 to 25 metres in width makes it possible to create storage sheds for equipment and sheds for horses of all sizes, which are open or closed, whether out in the pastures or in stables to cover boxes and stalls.

Well ventilated storage tunnels, which protect fodder from the elements

This fodder shed is designed to optimize the storage space, facilitate the operator's work, and store the fodder under optimal conditions.

SHELTERALL®, the modular building that helps you develop your projects and adapts to meet different needs: storage of fodder and farm equipment. It can also be used as a livestock breeding tunnel.

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