Storage shed for military equipment and all types of vehicles

SHELTERALL®, the NATO-referenced shed for military solutions.

A storage shed perfectly suited to the needs of the armed forces

SHELTERALL® is suitable for light, heavy or armoured land vehicles, aircraft, helicopters, boats, and maintenance equipment on military sites for the storage of equipment. It can also be used as site facilities or maintenance shed. The SHELTERALL® range offers a solution to all needs:

  • Optional gables and raisable or sliding doors for complete or partial closing of the SHELTERALL®. The opening is sized based on needs, ensuring easy entry into the building.
  • Wide range with a width from 8 m to 25 m to meet the space and size requirements of the sheltered equipment. It is also possible to join buildings to achieve a larger storage area.
  • Flexible length, adjusted according to the specific needs of each case.
  • Buildings up to 11 metres high fastened to the ground, and up to 15 metres high on poured concrete walls or TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks, for optimal comfort.
  • A white coated canvas cover on the inside, or with a translucent strip along the ridge, to allow natural light into the building.

An industrial shed referenced and approved by the SIMMT

SHELTERALL® solutions have been approved by SIMMT, Integrated Land Equipment Maintenance Structure, a department of the French Armed Forces. Their validation attests to the quality, performance and reliability of our products and services. It confirms that our shelters are perfectly suited to the needs of the French Armed Forces.

Advantages of Shelterall®
Storage space optimisation
Building construction standard
Quick assembly

A demountable industrial shed, to be fastened to any type of ground

A reliable and high-quality modular storage shed

These modular storage sheds are used to shelter vehicles and equipment. They are also suited to the needs of agriculture, construction, recycling and industry.

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Military storage tunnel
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