Livestock breeding tunnel for sheep and goats

SHELTERALL®, the livestock breeding building for sheep, goats and ewes.

A livestock breeding tunnel that nurtures animal well-being

A healthy, peaceful atmosphere that calms the sheep and goats thanks to specially adapted options:

The SHELTERALL® sheep and goat breeding shelters reduce mastitis and contribute to improving meat quality. They limit food wastage and veterinary expenses.

A livestock breeding building that also nurtures the well-being of the livestock farmer

The SHELTERALL® tunnel ensures comfort for the livestock farmer with a working space that is functional and optimized all year round.

A modular sheep-pen or goat-pen that can be adapted to each work organization:

It is easy to clean, without wasting space:

A simple and scalable shed

Quick and easy to implement, it can be delivered within 4 to 6 weeks, with the option of a turnkey shed available within 12 weeks.

An economical sheep and goat breeding building

At half the cost of a traditional building, SHELTERALL® helps boost the profitability of your farm.

Above all, a reliable hangar: our modular buildings comply with European building construction standards EN 13031-1 and/or with Building Eurocodes. Our Made-In-France buildings are certified by reference partner inspection bodies on the market.

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