Modular building for the storage of big bags

SHELTERALL®, the solution for storing materials in big bags for all Construction and Public Works professionals. Big bags have are widely used in the construction sector, particularly on worksites. A practical and efficient solution for the storage and transport of bulk materials (sand, gravel, aggregates, soil and backfill, debris and recycled materials or powders and bulk materials), which makes it easier to load and unload with suitable equipment. This big bag storage configuration considerably reduces the accumulation of dust, sand and gravel.

A storage shed to protect big bags from moisture and bad weather

Big Bags keep aggregates clean and protected from external contamination. Stored under a SHELTERALL® solution, the materials are ideally covered.

A shed designed to optimize storage space and access to big bags

Managing space on worksites is often strategic. The storage of materials in big bags makes it possible to use the height efficiently, freeing up space on the ground for other activities or for other materials stored traditionally. Combined with the use of big bags, the SHELTERALL® solution considerably reduces the required storage area.

Storage space compliant with Building Eurocodes, quick to install

The SHELTERALL® storage sheds adapt to your growth and your needs. They can be moved, enlarged, joined or installed on TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks for bulk storage or worksite equipment.

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Big bag storage in a quarry
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