Soil depollution

25 SHELTERALL® 15 m ;



Mounted on Toutabloc concrete blocks

The solution

Sarpi Remediation was won over by the SHELTERALL® storage solutions as they are low-cost, modular, foundation-free and quick to install.

The company needed to develop the Italian site in Santa Giulia to depollute the soil and distribute the flows of earth in covered, separate storage pits to maintain traceability of the batches. The shed absolutely had to be demountable to be able to store the incoming earth awaiting depollution and store the outgoing, stabilized earth, awaiting recycling.

This site has two storage areas. The first one has around 20 buildings to store the earth and analyse it. The second is used to recycle the earth. The SHELTERALL® team installed 36 storage sheds with width of 10 to 30 m and height of 15 m on 120 hectares of land.

To build these SHELTERALL® shelters, more than 5,000 concrete blocks were used with safety equipment and anti-litter nets. SHELTERALL® was able to adapt by building a specific extra-wide model to accommodate the polluted earth recycling machine. The process of washing and depolluting the earth generates a lot of dust.

The overall SHELTERALL® approach, as well as the design of the pits by our Design Office to meet the storage targets and the strength guarantees, quickly won over our customer. The group's expertise also stood out when mounting on TOUTABLOC® concrete blocks and installing its safety options, which enhance the stability and strength of the walls.

The on-site presence of a group site supervisor, dedicated to daily monitoring of the site and coordination of the various partners, was a real plus when the project was set up. This project involved more than 11 partner companies who worked with our team. Today, this soil depollution project is still the largest in the whole of Italy.

Another company that works on this site, and assisted in setting up this project, was won over by the solution proposed by our teams. This company has an inert waste platform, and has launched a project to equip its site with covered pits.

The options for this project

  • Half-moon
  • Mixed tarpaulin / mesh gable
  • Anti-litter nets
  • Rigid gable
Project on foundations

TOUTABLOC® is France’s leading network for the distribution and design of concrete block walls.

It is intended for professionals in the industrial, construction, local authority and agricultural sectors. Our partner suppliers are never far from your site. We can ensure the best prices.

Quality and service are our top priorities.


Success story
A word from the sales team

"This project really shows our expertise in bulk storage, and we are very proud to have been able to support our customers on time, on what remains to date the biggest soil depollution project in Italy. We would like to thank them very much for their trust."

Pierre Loizeau, SHELTERALL® Construction sales manager

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