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Winter storage for boats

1 SHELTERALL® 10 m x 15 m


The solution

This professional needed an open, convenient and easily accessible boat shed to repair customers’ boats all year round.

Mr. Nicola Tortelli opted for a winter storage tunnel, 10 m wide and 15 m long, to provide a spacious shed where it is easy to work inside. This open tunnel, with a surface area of 150 m², can house up to 3 boats, thus optimizing activity. In the wake of heavy rains, Officina Meccanica needed to quickly protect the boats it was working on. Mr. Nicola Tortelli particularly appreciated the responsiveness of the SHELTERALL® teams and the quick installation, which enabled him to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

SHELTERALL® storage sheds keep boats dry and increase the lifespan of equipment. SHELTERALL® metal-textile hangars are frequently used to protect boats from the elements. They are also popular for housing trailers and aircraft.

Officina Meccanica is delighted with these modular installations that can be assembled very quickly. It is planning to build two new boat sheds: one identical to this one for maintenance purposes, and a large closed storage shed with two sliding doors for secure storage purposes. The project has also given rise to numerous other requests from the Port of Piombino.

Success story
Let our customers do the talking

"Officina Meccanica was immediately won over by this fast, cost-effective solution."

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