SHELTERALL®, modular and economical shelter

The SHELTERALL® storage shed has a wide range of options allowing it to suit all your needs, since you can adapt its dimensions, insulation, cladding or indoor protection according to your requirements.

These shed tunnels can be used for activities as varied as:

  • The winter storage of mobile homes, boats, private planes or microlights.
  • The storage of equipment and utility vehicles.
  • For riding schools, to allow the installation of boxes for horses or the storage of fodder. The tunnel-shaped shelter keeps natural light and proper ventilation for the well-being of the horses or the aeration of the hay or straw.


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The SHELTERALL® is a modular and economical shelter

The SHELTERALL® storage tunnel is the solution to store everything at a low cost.
These tunnel sheds can be installed without foundations. The shelters can be dismantled and moved as required. They can be installed on any type of ground: bitumen, earth, concrete, etc.

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The SHELTERALL® is a reliable and robust storage shed

The SHELTERALL® is manufactured by the Richel Group, a European specialist in comprehensive greenhouse and shelter solutions in the agriculture, building and industrial areas. Its design and manufacture have received SOCOTEC inspection agency approval. Its galvanised steel structure is compliant with the NF EN 13031-1 European standards and the Eurocodes building requirements. Its coated canvas covering is guaranteed for 10 years (see General Terms and Conditions of Sale).

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The different SHELTERALL® options meet all your needs

The SHELTERALL® exists in several sizes: 8m to 25m wide, up to 11m in height and of a modular length.
The shelters can be equipped with a closing system to secure your SHELTERALL®: sheet gable / rolling door or rigid gable with raisable or sliding door.




Cost-effective solution to shelter private planes and microlights 

Horse stables

Fodder storage, sheltering of horse riding equipment, box or outer school covering.


Storage solution or modular shelter for technical services, park lands, waste disposal centre, etc.

Mobile home and boat winter storage

Winter storage shed for mobile homes and boats.

Craft workers / Landscape gardeners

Economical equipment and material protection

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